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Use Facebook to Establish a Strong Digital and Social Media presence

So, now you are ready to start with Facebook to establish your online presence and to reach out audiences in the hopes of attracting prospects and to convert them to customers. Here are the steps that you should use to use Facebook to establish a strong digital and social media presence.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

  1. Create a page profiling your business, products, and services.
  2. Create captivating content related to your organization’s brand, products, and services. (See Online Course on Content Marketing)
  3. Publish content regularly to create a ‘fan base’.
  4. Publish content regularly to keep your ‘fan base’ engaged with your brand and to increase sharing of your brand.
  5. Stay engaged with your fan base when they love, like, or respond in any other way on your Facebook fan page.
  6. Create Facebook ‘audiences’ based on the interests of the overall Facebook user base. Be creative in how you identify your audiences.
  7. Create online ads to reach those audiences.
  8. Study and evaluate analytics data related to the above to ensure you are meeting your Facebook Marketing Goals along with your overall Digital Marketing Goals. This includes analyzing your Click Through Rates (CTR), Conversion Rates, Cost Per Click, and other data related to social sharing.
  9. Adjust your ad campaigns, and organic content distribution based on the insights gleaned from your analytics data.
  10. Similar to other business processes, create an overall Facebook online marketing process that will do the above.


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