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The Power and Influence of Social Media Networks

Social Media networks take a significant portion of the overall digital media universe. No digital marketing effort can therefore be complete without including social media marketing part of your organization’s overall marketing plan.

Here are some statistics on the level of penetration of the popular social media networks to give you an idea on the power and influence of the social media networks. (Source: Statista.com)

  • Facebook has around 1.6 billion users on its platform.
  • Twitter has more than 300 million active users.
  • Instagram (acquired by Facebook) has more than 400 million users.
  • Pinterest has more than 10 million users.

There are other social media networks as well with many more millions of users.

The number of active users as well as the level of user engagement make these social media networks an excellent platform to market your services and to position your brand.

Some of these networks can be more effective for your business depending on the types of products and services that your business has to offer. For example, as Facebook tracks the geographical information for each user, you can target registered users based on their location. This can make an ideal marketing choice for businesses that are targeting local customers.




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