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The New Digital World and the Digital Economy

Welcome to the new world where everything from businesses to personal lives are being transformed based on digital devices. Almost everyone now conducts their personal and professional business based on digital devices and gadgets. This includes communicating, conducting business and commerce, sharing information, accessing information, and much more.

With billions of devices connecting on the Internet, the world has gone digital and the gap is narrowing. Most people on the planet now have access to digital devices in one form or another. Lately, Facebook hit a milestone when it announced that one out of ever 7th person logged on Facebook on a given day.

Individuals’ lives have gone digital too. People are now spending hours on devices consuming content, playing games, experiencing entertainment, collaborating, communicating, and sharing. They move from one physical space to another switching from one digital platform to another. They move from home wifi space to their cars and connect to wireless 4G networks and walk at work and get connected to another wifi network.

At the heart of this digital transformation is Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. People equipped with Mobile devices are logged on Social networks, and accessing services that are served through the Cloud platforms. This engagement is then constantly analyzed (through analytics) by businesses to tailor and improve their services to consumers and businesses alike.

Here are some of the ways that consumers as well as businesses are living in the new Digital World.

  • Art lovers can bid for their favorite art in an online auction using their mobile apps. The mobile app is linked to the art website’s rich database of art.
  • Stock investors who have access to digital watch such as Apple Watch can have access to their stocks in real time on their wrists
  • Hand off functionality from the watch to the phone to the PC – Use Apple Watch OS 2 complications functionality.
  • Consumers walk in to brick and mortar stores, look at the products, do more research using their mobile devices, compare prices, and continue to either shop at the store or order online.
  • and much more…


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