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The Most Important Factor for Growing Organic Traffic

During the course of a number of my consulting assignments, I am usually asked what in my view is the most important factor for growing online organic traffic. This question usually comes up as the clients are struggling with creating content, publishing content, marketing on social media, trying to create backlinks to their digital assets, and so on.

In my view the most important factor to  grow organic traffic is to create captivating original content that delivers real value to your visitors and customers.

Content that is value added many times doesn’t need the push of search engines to get your traffic. The digital space and its users will do that job for you. More often content that users share and talk about by commenting online such as on social media gets more traffic than search engines can send your way.
important factor to grow organic trafficAnd that’s something that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Living in this digital world, we see the power of viral messages.

In my view, this question should be asked at even higher levels and not just by the marketing specialists trying to fix the SEO state of a website or another digital asset.

Creating value added content is a critical part of growing any online business – not just to have a site better rank from a SEO perspective.


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