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Digital  Business Services

We work with Small and Medium Sized Businesses to help them with the following services.

  • Establishing Digital Online Presence
  • Formulating a Digital Online Marketing Strategy and Process
  • Running Your Online Business Operations
  • Formulating Digital Online Business Processes

They are explained in the following.

Establishing Digital Online Presence

As part of these services, we will help your business with the following:

  • Helping businesses with all aspects of going online on the web, social, and the mobile world
  • Establishing online processes for capturing leads, sending emails to customers, order processing, etc.


Formulating Digital Online Marketing Processes

As part of these services, we will help your business with the following:

  • Establishing an online presence in the online world
  • Formulating a complete strategy for your business’s online presence and increasing its  reach (online ads, content marketing, website content development, mobile apps, and more)
  • Formulating an ongoing process to use to ensure uninterrupted flow of online traffic.
  • Analyzing and recommending Search Engine related Optimizations. This refers to making all your digital assets such as websites optimized to have the best position on search engines. Considering that the number of DAILY online searches are in the billions, this creates an excellent opportunity for your business to be seen and visited by your prospects and future customers.
  • Formulating a content marketing process. No business can expect to position itself in the digital world without having an appropriate Content Marketing plan. As part of our services, we will help you identify an appropriate content marketing strategy. This entails the following:
    • Type of content suitable for your business
    • How to create various ‘content creatives’
    • Best approach to market those creatives


Running Your Online Business Operations

We have a network of onshore and offshore resources that can help you run various facets of your regular business operations and functions. This enables us to offer you an affordable option to run your business while letting you focus on growing your business. Your ongoing business functions can include the following:

  1. Processing your orders
  2. Customer service through E-mails
  3. Ongoing SEO functions (link building, configuring images, etc.)
  4. Optimizing website operations
  5. and more


Formulating Digital Online Business Processes

Going online is the easiest part of starting an online business or putting your business online. The more challenging part is about formulating other business processes in the online world to help your run your business. These includes services such as capturing leads, conducting sales, maintaining customer lists, payroll, various administrative tasks and more. As part of these services we will help you with the following:

  • Helping you define the most cost effective way of conducting your business
  • Helping you identify cheaper online resources for the administrative tasks for your business.

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Our Business Methodology (How do we work with businesses)

As part of helping your business, we follow a five step process:

Step 1: Fill out a questionnaire

The questionnaire is meant to help you explain the challenges that your business is having. You can email the filled questionnaire to us. We will study the questionnaire and then will let you know how we can help. Our next step will be to have a free call with you.

Step 2: One on One session (Initial Call)

Once we receive your questionnaire, we will conduct a 15 minute (free) call to further understand your goals and challenges. The call can be on the phone, skype, or other electronic methods that would suit both parties. The goal of this session is as follows:

  • Understand your business challenges, goals, and requirements related to your business’s digital goals
  • We will explain how we can solve your problems related to your business, the timeframe required, and the overall cost.

Step 3: Hold a one on one consultation call 

This is the most important and useful service that we provide. Many businesses find that holding this one on one session helps them create a path of moving forward and provides them with better clarity on their future plans. As part of this, we will speak to you one on one and understand your challenges and provide you with possible online options and solutions for your business. After this call (usually starts with one hour), you will have a good idea of how to move forward, what to focus on, and it will help you set your priorities.

Step 4: Engage in a Business contract

After the consultation call, if you want to further contract us for specific services, we will mutually agree on the services that we will deliver and the terms of the business.

Step 5: Execute Your Business Plan

In this step, we will carry out our promise of helping your business as agreed in the business contract.

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DigiBizConsulting offers the best consulting advice on starting a new digital business and addressing all the areas of running a new digital business.