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Critical factors in formulating an organization’s digital strategy


The ‘digital domain’

Before devising an appropriate digital strategy, we must recognize the overall domain of digital. The broader thinking and conversations in the boardrooms should be focused on the following:

  1. Digital landscape
  2. Digital ecosystem – What will be our organization’s digital ecosystem?
  3. Digital channels and media – What digital channels and media platforms will be part of our organization’s strategy? For example, will your organization be active on Facebook? If yes, in what way?
  4. Digital devices – What digital devices will be at the center of our business? What is our mobility strategy? What about BYOD and other related initiatives?
  5. Target audience – Do we know our digital audience? Do you know how your traditional audience has transformed to the digital landscape?
  6. Digital assets and properties – What digital assets and properties (websites, apps, etc.) will be at the center of your digital strategy in terms of serving both the customers and the internal organization?
  7. Digital Platforms – What digital platforms (IT platforms) will be at the core of your organization’s digital transformation?

How should an organization set its Digital Strategy?

Digital Drivers

More  specifically, an organization should address the following when devising its digital strategy.

  • Digital channel strategy – What is your digital channel strategy? What type of engagement do you plan across channels? It’s not about simply having a Facebook strategy or a Twitter strategy but rather a strategy that transcends various digital channels and considers the global digital audience, its needs, and engagement goals.
  • Organizational culture – What specific methods has your organization taken to transform its culture to that of digital?
  • Organization business processes – What specific business processes will change to potentially disrupt the internal and external operations of your organization.


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