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One of the pre-requisites to embarking on a marketing initiative is to understand ones audience. The more targeted your market and the audience in that market, the better you can tailor your organization’s branding and other messages related to your products and services.

Once you have a good idea on your target audience, you can then proceed to design your organization’s customer journey, provide the right pathways to address the pain points of those audiences along the way, and to convert them into loyal customers.

Some of the key areas that are important in understanding an audience include the following:

  • Understand your organization and its products and services – Although this may seem to be a straightforward point but knowing this information is vital before you can proceed to building an audience for your organization. You must be clear of the pain points that your products and services address and then use that information to build the right audience. As you analyse your organization’s products and services, ensure to also gain insights into relevant competitive intelligence.
  • Build the right audience personas – Doing so helps better understand the audience’s needs, requirements, and desires. As you define your audience’s personas, you should consider both their demographics as well as psychographics information. An audience’s demographics information includes age, gender, location, education level, ethnic background, etc. Psychographics information, on the other hand, pertains to an audience’s behavior and includes traits related to personality, behavior, attitudes, interests and personal preferences. Consideration of these factors will help you build the right audiences.
  • Document their pain points – Your business offer must be able to address the painpoints of your potential customers. Identifying and documenting that helps you take that under control.
  • Identify the Internet sites and places where your audience may be likely to be found – This will help you enable the right digital and marketing automation to start capturing those audiences as leads and prospects.

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