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Capturing leads is an essential step in the overall marketing and selling process. When marketing online, this step is usually accomplished by directing users to landing pages, which provide various types of promises and offers to entice users to provide their E-mail IDs. When marketing on Facebook, one of the methods that online marketers use is to direct Facebook users away from Facebook to an external landing page.

Facebook, however, has made this process through the availability of Leads Ads, which has made this process simple by letting users stay within Facebook and to sign-up for various offers provided by online marketers. The way this works is that a Facebook users on seeing an Ad, clicks on the Ad and is presented with a form that is pre-populated with the user’s information such as E-mail, name, etc. If the user wants to continue with providing her or her information, they simply click submit and the information is submitted to the marketers.

Using Facebook Leads Ads has many advantages over the traditional landing page method. First, it reduces the number of clicks and typing that the user has to engage in to provide their information to the marketer. Second, the user gets to stay within Facebook and not leave to an external site that he or she may not completely trust. Third, as most social media and Facebook activity is on mobile phones, the user doesn’t have to type in to fill the small form on their mobile devices to provide their information. This is because Facebook fills in the required fields for the Facebook user from the information that is already available to them of the user.

Some of the cons of this approach are that the marketer has to manually download all the E-mails and upload them in their E-mail marketing systems to make them part of the auto follow-up systems. However, some external apps are already providing some of these integrations and one can expect Facebook to fill this gap within a short time. (Get Facebook marketing training online)

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Facebook Ads can be optimized through a number of steps such as the following:

  1. Select the right audiences.
  2. Select the right interests and profiles.
  3. Use the ‘exclude’ feature to exclude certain people profiles to make the audiences more targeted.
  4. Select the right content to distribute ad copies over the social networks.
  5. Monitor Likes, and other audience engagements.
  6. Extensively measure performance and make note of critical observations.

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One of the most critical factors behind getting Facebook advertising correct is to ensure selecting the right audience. The better your audience selection, the more you will capture in leads and the more traffic you will convert.

Here are some ways you can select the right audiences on Facebook.

  1. Ensure you select the right interests.
  2. Brainstorm to chose more interests. Remember, Facebook has more than a billion registered users and so don’t sell yourself short by choosing a small audience.
  3. Monitor performance of the audience based on their interests of your published ads.
  4. Tweak the Facebook audience groups on an ongoing basis. One of the biggest mistake people do is to forget about their audiences once they select one. Audiences must always be tweaked to suit your needs and goals.

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So, now you are ready to start with Facebook to establish your online presence and to reach out audiences in the hopes of attracting prospects and to convert them to customers. Here are the steps that you should use to use Facebook to establish a strong digital and social media presence.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

  1. Create a page profiling your business, products, and services.
  2. Create captivating content related to your organization’s brand, products, and services. (See Online Course on Content Marketing)
  3. Publish content regularly to create a ‘fan base’.
  4. Publish content regularly to keep your ‘fan base’ engaged with your brand and to increase sharing of your brand.
  5. Stay engaged with your fan base when they love, like, or respond in any other way on your Facebook fan page.
  6. Create Facebook ‘audiences’ based on the interests of the overall Facebook user base. Be creative in how you identify your audiences.
  7. Create online ads to reach those audiences.
  8. Study and evaluate analytics data related to the above to ensure you are meeting your Facebook Marketing Goals along with your overall Digital Marketing Goals. This includes analyzing your Click Through Rates (CTR), Conversion Rates, Cost Per Click, and other data related to social sharing.
  9. Adjust your ad campaigns, and organic content distribution based on the insights gleaned from your analytics data.
  10. Similar to other business processes, create an overall Facebook online marketing process that will do the above.


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