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We at digiBizConsulting work with our clients to consult them on various aspects of their digital business.

Achieving success in Digital business is easier said than done. Gone are the days when creating a successful business in the digital space was mostly about getting online traffic.  If you were able to get enough traffic, the idea was that you will be able to achieve a certain level of conversions. In line with that thinking, SEO and PPC were the only talk of the town. Essentially, the digital marketing disciplines and SEO agencies were seen as the key to digital success.

Fast forward a few years and today the situation is different. Although digital marketing and SEO are still vital for an organization’s digital success, there are other factors that also influence the overall success of a business. For example, consider the following:

  • Despite getting loads of online traffic, many businesses fail simply because they are unable to convert that traffic. Factors such as ineffective landing pages, the wrong audience, etc. fail to convert the oncoming traffic in leads and sales.
  • Businesses fail to tweak their business model based on the new realities of the digital marketplace. In such cases where their business models are no longer as reliable as in the pre-digital era, large volumes of traffic may not be as relevant.
  • A poorly structured and designed website results in a high bounce rate, rendering the large volume of traffic as useless.
  • Despite having a long list of past customers and leads, businesses are unable to define an ongoing monetization process that can bring in constant digital revenue.
  • and more…

In working with many clients over the years, we have seen two root causes that stop businesses, small and large, in exploiting the large revenues in the digital space. We can help you in making those tweaks and adustments so you can:

  • Reach the maximum of your audience
  • Convert them in leads and sales (help you achieve high conversion rates)
  • Tweak your business model to position you correctly in the digital marketplace.
  • and more…


digital marketing branding strategy online

In this new world of all digital, no business can expect to survive without a solid digital strategy. This applies to all businesses small, medium, and large. Having a solid digital business strategy means having a plan to exploit Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. A business must design all its functions and processes around these elements.

DigiBizConsulting.com offers the following services:

  • A complete assessment of the digital aspects of your business (your digital audience, digital channels, digital platforms that you use, and so on).
  • Provide recommendations to help you explore additional opportunities and challenges in terms of growing your business.

For your digital business, we will help you with the following:

  • All aspects of starting a new digital business
  • Assessing and improving your conversion rates
  • Improving social engagement
  • Online traffic assessment
  • Actionable recommendations for traffic growth
  • Organic traffic growth assessment and recommendations
  • Improving ROI on your PPC traffic

Our goal is to help you meet your goals of optimizing your business for optimal digital reach so that:

  • You can be found ‘digitally’ by visitors hungry for information, products, and services offered by your business
  • We can create processes for you that you can follow for your digital marketing, content creation, and other digital needs.
  • Digital marketing advice and courses. Click here for Digital Marketing Courses, Webinars, Podcasts, and Online Classes


DigiBizConsulting offers the best consulting advice on starting a new digital business and addressing all the areas of running a new digital business.